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We are happy to announce an open call for five sessions for the 2021 Oikos conference, which will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, February 8th-10th. 

The conference is organised by the Swedish Oikos Society, a society for ecologists with a professional interest in ecological research. 

If you are interested in proposing a session, please send an e-mail to with the following: 

  • Names and affiliations of the people proposing the session. 
  • A short paragraph describing the intended content. 
  • Suggestions for a potential keynote speaker. 
  • Give your e-mail the title: Oikos 2021 session proposal. 

Proposals should be submitted by June 7th at the latest. Any ecology-related topic can be proposed. 

The sessions will include 4-6 slots (5 or 7 including the keynote slot). Two sessions are already decided: (i) Biodiversity changes in the Anthropocene, and (ii) Global change ecology from the Arctic to the Tropics. 

We strongly encourage you to give priority to keynote speakers from Europe (and Sweden). Travel and accommodation for the keynote will be covered by the conference, but only for the equivalent costs for European travel. We also encourage you to suggest that speakers travel to Gothenburg by train, ferry and/or bus when possible. In addition, all sessions should aim for a diverse composition of speakers in terms of career stage and gender. 

Depending on the number of proposed sessions, the local Gothenburg organizing committee will decide which ones to accept. We will strive to create an exciting mix of different topics. 

For accepted sessions, the people that proposed the sessions will invite keynotes and decide which abstracts to accept for oral presentations or posters. 

For the afternoon of the 10th, you can propose topics for 2-hour panel debates/discussions (which can also include talks). You can also propose alternative activities. For example, at the recent World Biodiversity Forum conference in Davos, one afternoon activity was a House of Commons-style debate, where the participants debated a series of questions and statements, and did their best to convince people on the other side of the arguments that they were wrong. 

Given the current uncertain situation with the coronavirus, the plan for the conference should be viewed as preliminary. 

We look forward to your proposals for sessions and debates. 

The organizing committee, 

Lars Gamfeldt

Anne Bjorkman

James Hagan

Björn Källström

Johan Uddling

Robert Björk